Piko is a terrific dog.  It is rare to find such a nice blend of drive (and believe me Piko has drive!), responsiveness (biddability), and temperament!  Piko lives on a farm and works both the sheep and cattle, he also does agility in his "spare" time.  At home he is a couch potato, but put him in the agility ring and few can top his speed and athleticism!  Piko also has competed in disc dog where he also shines.  Piko loves everyone, both two legged and four legged.  To meet him is to love him!  He has had loose dogs chase him in the agility ring and he just continues as if nothing happened.  If a dog growls at him, he just walks away.  He is very easy to train and pretty much trained himself to work the sheep!  On top of all this Piko is also a therapy dog that regularly visits hospitals.

Piko carries the CEA gene, none of his offspring can be affected so long as he is bred to a dog that does not carriy the CEA gene.
Piko has a
PENN hip score is in the 80th percentile (ie - his hips are better than 80% of Border collies tested).

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