HiQ Zig Zag


I suppose no dog is perfect, but some are closer to perfect than others!!  Ziggy has that perfect combination of drive and calmness.  Ziggy will come over and lay his head on your lap and melt your heart!  Ziggy is calm and quiet in the house and fantastic to live with.  He is also VERY cuddly.  He loves to be hugged and cuddled.  The kids absolutely adore him.  If you saw how calm and quiet he is in the house you might be surprised to see how fast and athletic he is when he is working! He loves to work and is a fast learner, very focused with a perfect on/off switch.  He has a calm intensity which makes him such a joy to work with.  He is doing great in agility and has started his disc dog career off well too.  He loves swimming and he enjoys learning new things.  He pushes himself to do the things he learns fast and accurately.  He is not pushy or possessive.  He is just a perfect gentleman.

Ziggy's mom is Twizz, which is where he gets his fantastic temperament from and his dad is Piko who is also a terrific dog.

HiQ Zig Zag
CBCA - "A" registry
Hips - OFA Excellent
Elbows - OFA Normal
Eyes - CEA/CH - N/N (Optigen)
TNS - N/N (Embark)
DM - N/N (Embark)
ICD (I-GS1) - N/N (Embark)
MDR1 - N/N (Embark)
NCL - N/N (Embark)


Retrieval Proficiency Test (RPT)
Disc Dog (DD)
Disc Dog Excellent (DDX)
Bronze Catch (130ft catch with Junior Handler)
3rd Place at Quebec Disc Dog Regional Championship (14yr old Handler)