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Retro (HiQ Talent X Drift)

We are pleased to have a co-ownership on Retro. 
Retro is owned and lives with Cathie. Here is what Cathie has to say about Retro:

Retro is a sweet, happy dog that loves to work, and is always ready to play. She's so silly and makes us laugh every day! She is a sensitive soul, and is eager to comfort you if you're down, but she is tough and resilient when needed. Retro is very agile and light on her feet, and her structure is such that she's quite flexible and moves really nicely. She is a joy to have in our lives!


HiQ Star Trek Special Effects


Embark DNA panel -- Retro is clear for all of the following border collie genetic conditions

N/N - Multiple Drug Sensitivity (MDR1)
N/N - Trapped Neutrophil Syndrome (VPS13B)
N/N - Collie Eye Anomaly (NHEJ1)
N/N - Primary Lens Luxation (ADAMTS17)
N/N - Neuronal Ceroid Lipofuscinosis 1, NCL 5 (CLN5 Border Collie Variant)
N/N - Myotonia Congenita (CLCN1 Exon 23)
N/N - Cobalamin Malabsorption (CUBN Exon 53)

OFA - Hips - Good
OFA - Elbows - Normal

Ophthalmic Exam - Normal

HiQ Star Trek Special Effects


"Retro" OFA - Hips -Good, Elbows-Normal

Deltabluez Drift (CBCA 7194)


OFA Good hips, CEA/CH - TNS, IGS - normal

Spike (ABC 14338)

Deltabluez Roo (ABC 218634)

Altapete Pleat (ABC 155438

Pleat 2004 USBCHA National Champion. Pleat is the only dog in history to win the four biggest trials in North America

Deltabluez Tess (ABC 210284)

Buckaroo Biscuit (ABC 164591

Hiland Vannip (ABC 146601)

Graceful Cowgirl (ABC 164587)

Deltabluez Jade (ABC 310032)

Altapete Teddy (ABC 260033

Altapete Cub (CBCA 27)

Altapete Dhu (CBCA 1661)

Teg (ISDS 266074)

Roy (ISDS 235678)

Bonnie (ISDS 251969)

HiQ Talent CBCA B5001410

OFA Hips- Excellent OFA Elbows - Normal CEA/CH - Normal Thyroid - Normal Heart - Normal

Minimbah Red Therules ANKC (N) 931991

Minimbah Flashn Fancy ANKC 0753820

Kellagem Hot Sizzler ANKC 1251671

Minimbah Hot Lyric ANKC (N) 878251

Kellagem FlashN Fiery ANKC 0891009

Brackenhill Royal Tartan DL762896/07

Dykebar Blu Sky's Over Tainish DL705485/01

Brackenhill Wish a Lot DL679377/01

Wildair Tonalee Lover's Look DL 915718/03

Xmas-Cracker At Clan-Abby DL876815/01

Tonalee's The Look of Love DL816859/01