HiQ Twizzler

Twizz is a compact athletic little dog. She is very sweet and affectionate.
She was raised by our son when he was only 4 years old and LOVES children.
Twizz has both top herding and top sports dogs in her pedigree. 
Twizz is very cuddly and quiet in the house and often sleeps in bed with the kids.

Twizz has lots of drive and loves retrieving games.  She also loves the water!  She has done some sheep herding, some agility with the kids and would have loved to have been a flyball dog if we had had the time! Twizz is always a big hit with the kids at the SPCA BARC camp.  Twizz has always been a very healthy dog and she has passed all her health clearances.  We just love her!
She has produced some very talented and beautiful puppies, in both black and white and red and white. 
Her mother is “Q” and her father is Bart

Twizz's Puppies

Twizz X Tripp
Twizz X Roy
Twizz X Piko


Retrieval Proficiency Test (RPT) CDDA 
Basic Disc Dog (BDD)
Disc Dog Champion (DDCh) CDDA
. .

HiQ Twizzler CBCA 3040


Bart CBCA 1278

2005 USBCHA National Champion, 2005 Ontario Champion Hips clear from Guelph DNA free of CEA from Optigen

Craig CBCA 54


Scot ISDS 110726

John Paterson Wigs, Scotland

Gell ISDS 139418

John Paterson Wigs, Scotland

Grace CABC 116621


Imp Boy CABC 116622

Amanda Milliken Kingston, ON

Hazel CABC 116619

Amanda Milliken Kingston, Ont.

HiQ Omnipotent CBCA 1466

Disc Dog Champion Flyball Champion Master Agility Dog OFA - Good CERF - Clear DNA - CEA - normal

Boscoe NASD 64565

Obedience Champion Flyball Champion

Imp. Scot ABC 7522

Samantha Hamm Az USA

Bob (R.O.M.) ISDS

Trim ISDS 119528

Yorkshire, England

Brandy AIBC 63177

Shep AIBC 60101

Rustie NASD 29871

HiQ Wilderness Trek CBCA 1464

Flyball Master, Tracking Dog, Companion Dog, Master Agility Dog, OFA-GOOD CERF, DNA-CEA/CH Clear,

Ben NASD 39373

A.R. Sorensen Ont. Canada

Jock NASD 21494

Jessie NASD 39376

Meg NASD 42622

Shep NASD 29420

Meg ISDS 117427