Zed in Red

Zed is a highly loyal and affectionate dog.  He loves everyone, but he worships the ground Howard walks on!  Zed is extremely athletic and is famous for his flashy leaps in the sport of disc dog.  He is a Disc Dog Elite Champion and his freestyle disc routines are a big hit at performance shows.  Zed is also a talented flyball dog and lightning fast agility dog.  Both of his parents (Q and Kyle) are known for their great personalities, loyalty and versatility so it is not surprising that Zed is such a great dog!

Zed is a full brother and littermate to:
Tribble, 2007 AAC National Steeplechase Finalsist, 2008 AAC Ontario Regional Champion, 2008 & 2009 #4 at the Canadian Nationals,
Bogey, 2007 Canadian World Team Member, 2008 AAC Ontario Steeplechase Champion and,
Fergus, 2009 Top Border Collie in AAC, 2009 AAC #1 Gambling dog, AAC Lifetime Achievement, 2010 Ontario Regional Champion & #4 at the 2010 Canadian Nationals


Agility Dog of Canada (ADC)
Advanced Disc Dog (ADD)
Basic Disc Freestyle (BDF)
Disc Dog Elite Champion (DDECh)
Flyball Champion (FDCh)
Michigan State Disc Dog Champion (2003)
Top ranked Disc Dog in Canada (2010, 2011, 2012)
Featured performer at Royal Winter Fair & All About Pets

HiQ Zed in Red

Disc Dog Champion, Flyball Champion, Freestyle Disc Champion, Advanced Agility Dog, OFA-GOOD, CERF, DNA-CEA/CH Clear,

Kyle of Lochalsh ABC 21762

Flyball Champion

Imp. Jake A-87259

Edward Bell

Davy I-131049

Sydney Price

Jed I-132481

C.D. House

Imp. Gwen I-186816

Edward Bell

Wisp I-161487

  1. Dalziel

Fern I-170022

Helen Anderson

HiQ Omnipotent CBCA 1466

Disc Dog Champion Flyball Champion Master Agility Dog OFA - Good CERF - Clear DNA - CEA - normal

Boscoe NASD 64565

Obedience Champion Flyball Champion

Imp. Scot ABC 7522

Samantha Hamm Az USA

Bob (R.O.M.) ISDS

Trim ISDS 119528

Yorkshire, England

Brandy AIBC 63177

Shep AIBC 60101

Rustie NASD 29871

HiQ Wilderness Trek CBCA 1464

Flyball Master, Tracking Dog, Companion Dog, Master Agility Dog, OFA-GOOD CERF, DNA-CEA/CH Clear,

Ben NASD 39373

A.R. Sorensen Ont. Canada

Jock NASD 21494

Jessie NASD 39376

Meg NASD 42622

Shep NASD 29420

Meg ISDS 117427